Pegasus Financial Services has a formidable presence in the area of financial consulting.  We offer a whole range of services from Project Finance to Private Equity. Read on to find out more information about the various services offered by us.


Term LoanProject Finance/Term Loans

Term Loan is a loan for a specific capital expenditure, of specific amount and has a specified repayment schedule. Term loans almost always mature between one and 10 years. Term Loans are sanctioned for setting up of new projects or expansions like factory building construction, plant & machinery, purchasing new offices, etc.





Cash Credit

This is a running account facility that is extended for a short period, not more than 12 months, and renewed every year. Banks normally lend money against the primary security of stock and debtors. Percentage of secondary security would depend on many factors such as industry, financials, vintage,etc. The borrower has to pay interest at the end of each month for the amount actually utilized by it.




Letter Of Credit

Letters of credit (L/C)

An L/C is a Banker’s undertaking on behalf of a constituent to pay to a third party against compliance of stipulated conditions. This involves, irrevocable sight and usance L/Cs, back to back L/Cs, Standby L/Cs, Inland & Foreign L/Cs.






Pre-shipment Finance/Packing Credit

Short term, pre-shipment financing enables exporters to procure raw materials for the manufacture of finished goods for export. The facility is available both in Indian Rupee and in major foreign currencies to Exporters, enabling the exporters to compete in global market against others.




Post ShipmentPost-Shipment Finance

Short term, post sale financing to the exporter to provide liquidity during the credit period permitted to the overseas buyers to make payment. The facility is available both in Indian Rupee and in major foreign currencies to Exporters, enabling the exporters to compete in global market against others.




Buyers Credit

Buyers Credit

As an importer, one can avail of Buyers Credit facility at very competitive rates. One can make the import payment to its overseas supplier by availing the buyers credit and can repay the lender at a later date. The funding is arranged from the overseas network branches and one can avail of this product in major currencies.





Bank Guarantee

A bank guarantee is a pledge on the part of a bank to make someone’s debt good in the event that he or she cannot pay it. These types of guarantees are essentially like agreements to stand as a cosigner on a transaction; in the event that the original party cannot follow through, the bank can be called upon to provide the payment.






Factoring is a transaction in which a business sells its accounts receivable, or invoices, to a third party commercial financial company, also known as a “factor.” This is done so that the business can receive cash more quickly than it would by waiting 30 to 90 days for a customer payment. In Short,Factoring is a financial service whereby receivables are purchased by Factor and credit sales are converted to cash sales.




Private EquityPrivate Equity

Niche products and business requires more than just debt funding to reach to their full potential. They require a partner who believes in their product and backs the management with funds and guidance. Therefore Pegasus Financial Services acts as such partner and helps the entrepreneurs to bring the ideas on paper, formulate a perfect business plan and identify potential investors for your project.